Running: /app/web/../bin/console cache:clear -e=prod

 // Clearing the cache for the prod environment with debug
 // false

 [WARNING] Calling cache:clear without the --no-warmup option is deprecated
           since version 3.3. Cache warmup should be done with the cache:warmup
           command instead.

 [OK] Cache for the "prod" environment (debug=false) was successfully cleared.

Running: /app/web/../bin/console -v doctrine:phpcr:fixtures:load -e=prod
  > purging database
  > Executing initializer: CmfRoutingBundle
  > Executing initializer: CmfMenuBundle
  > Executing initializer: CmfContentBundle
  > Executing initializer: CmfBlockBundle
  > Executing initializer: CmfRoutingAutoBundle
  > loading [5] AppBundle\DataFixtures\PHPCR\LoadStaticPageData
  > loading [21] AppBundle\DataFixtures\PHPCR\LoadRoutingData
  > loading [50] AppBundle\DataFixtures\PHPCR\LoadNewsData
  > loading [60] AppBundle\DataFixtures\PHPCR\LoadMenuData